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Parts & Equipment
Saturn America provides a complete line of parts for garment handling systems, storage systems, Conveyors, Mezzanines, Pallet Racks and Shelving.

All of our equipment is guaranteed to meet your specific needs, and are constructed with superior materials to insure your complete satisfaction.

A partial list of our garment rail system parts are listed below:

Brace Clamps, all sizes
Rail Support Sets
Wall Brackets
Pneumatic Master Switches
Rail Bends
Trolley Transport Carts
Power Rail Components
Rail Accessories
Pneumatic Sweepers
Cross Clamps, all sizes
Single Arm Brackets
Manual Master Switches
Electo-pneu Master Switches
Parallel Stackers
Reader Pendants
Load Bars
Knuckles and connectors
Suspension fitting and Hardware
Mode Changers
4-way Cross Clamps all sizes
Double Arm Brackets
Angle Brackets
Drop off Switches
Tubing and Inserts
Trolley Heads
Reader Stations
Overhead Power Components
full Line Sensing Device

Contact us for further information on parts and equipment.


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